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Home Teeth Whitening

"Home Whitening" is the most cost effective form of whitening. Using custom-made whitening "trays," we will train you to whiten your teeth at home using our professional- strength whitening materials.

In-Office Whitening

"In-Office Whitening" is the tooth whitening method seen on ABC's Extreme Makeover. "Zoom" is an in-office method of whitening. We also have a less-sensitive technique that significantly decreases the sensitivity that often comes with 'laser' whitening. Ask us about which method is best for you.

Deep Bleaching

"Deep Bleaching" is the newest and most effective teeth whitening technique. Using a combination of in-office and at-home treatments, your own natural teeth can get their absolute whitest.

Teeth Whitening is just on of many cosmetic dentist services we offer. Visit our Charlotte North Carolina Dentist Office to learn more.

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Dental Procedures

We design beautiful and comfortable smiles. Health, comfort and function will be our top priorities when restoring your teeth. A full range of dental services from restorative to periodontics to whitening are available.

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Testimonials for Dr. Tom Farley

Straight from the patients mouth. We take pleasure in providing individualized services for each and every patient we treat.

"...uplifting to gain a smile of unbelievable brilliance. For the first time in my life, I had a set of teeth that I could be really proud..."

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